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Job Reference No: 2875

Employment Type: Permanent

SQL Server Database Developer


Location: Manchester Salary: £60,000

Fantastic opportunity to join a market leading company as an MS SQL Server Developer. You will work with both existing and new SQL Server databases, designing schemas (tables, stored procedures and indexing) in order to deliver highly performant database code for our applications.

Working closely with both Product Owners and Full Stack Developers, you will be the subject matter expert when it comes to database development in the team, providing best practise schema and procedure design and ensuring that all T-SQL code meets our required high standards.

 Key Responsibilities

  • Maintaining, developing and reviewing both existing and new stored procedures and database schemas.

  • Proactive query and stored procedure tuning and optimisation.

  • Reviewing and approving SQL code changes.

  • Advising the development team on best practise database design and implementation.

  • Working with the infrastructure team to develop and maintain CI/CD pipelines for database releases.

 Key Skills & Experience

  • Excellent TSQL

  • Strong knowledge of database internals (e.g. heaps/clustered indexing)

  • Query and stored procedure tuning and firm knowledge of explain plans/query plans

  • Indexing

  • Experience of database CI and migration tools, ideally SSDT

  • Working with databases in source control

  • Database schema design considerations, relational database design

  • Microservice data architecture

  • Performance monitoring

  • Agile methodologies, especially SCRUM.

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