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      Candidate Experience

      We provide all candidates with an exceptional experience from initial contact through to successful placement. We are introduced to candidates through a variety of means whether it be our direct approaches and headhunting or through our extensive networking and referrals. Once candidates are engaged with us we treat them with honesty and professionalism at all times.

      We provide constant and open dialogue and feedback at every stage of the recruitment process whilst maintaining complete confidentiality for the benefit of all parties.

      Candidates appreciate the service we provide as more often than not we secure them positions with employers of choice.

      For some candidates the process takes longer and we work with those individuals to ensure we identify the right role at the right time.  Every person is different but we treat each candidate with honesty and professionalism and provide constructive advice and input into their job search at every stage in the process.

      Top Tips

      Job hunting can often be hard work. It can sometimes be a long process, but there’s no better feeling than landing a job offer. Here are some helpful hints and tips to help you secure the perfect role.


      Create a LinkedIn profile

      Recruiters and employers often check LinkedIn after reviewing your CV to try and get a little further background information on you. Therefore, you should always ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date and represents you professionally.


      Tailor your CV to the job you are applying for

      Your CV should clearly show your qualifications, achievements, personal qualities, and skillset. Make sure to include relevant skills and experience for each job you apply for.


      Research the company you are applying to

      To really impress your interviewer, do as much research as you can into the company, the products they offer and the role itself. Every employer wants to feel that you want to work for them.


      Dress appropriately

      Ensure that you give your interviewer the right impression about you. Always “dress up” for an interview, never “dress down”.


      Always be on time

      Plan your trip and allow for extra time. Traffic delays can happen and although it is a legitimate reason for being delayed, it isn’t a great way to start your interview.


      Prepare for your interview

      Working through examples of your achievements and your responses to certain questions can help to eliminate nerves. Why not use a friend or family member to help you with how you intend to communicate your answers?


      Always give examples

      Back up every answer with an example of when you displayed the particular skill set and what the effect was on the role or the situation.


      Use the correct body language

      Start your introductions with a firm handshake. Stay alert and maintain eye contact to come across interested and professional.


      Ask questions

      An interview is a two way process so make it conversational. Ask questions throughout the interview to understand more in depth information on the role and the company. This way you can make an informed decision should you be offered the role.


      Prepare a successful close

      In any interview whether it be over the phone or face to face it is imperative that you close.  The close is your opportunity to convey to the interviewer your level of interest in the position and to gain commitment from them as to what the next step in the process is. A successful close could mean the guarantee of a further interview or even better a job offer on the spot.