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Job Reference No: 2665

Employment Type: Permanent

Cloud Data Warehouse Developer


Location: Manchester Salary: £60,000

We are interested in .NET Developers at all levels. A Software Engineer at Carfinance247 is a passionate technologist; interested in web technologies with skills based in .NET but also encompassing Javascript and modern SPA technologies. Solid knowledge of SQL / T-SQL is required alongside working experience of NoSQL and modern event driven and microservice architectures. We have a strong devops culture, embracing infrastructure as code and encouraging frequent releases into our container based cluster management system. Feature switching, A/B testing and continuous integration & delivery are at the core of our development process, so our Software Engineers will also embrace the idea of releasing little and often and iterating on success.


Key Responsibilities

Our Software Engineers don’t just write code, but take an active role in feature and platform development by being instrumental to and taking ownership of features from the design stage right through to its release into production.


  • Planning and design:
  • Participating in group planning sessions and helping to elaborate requirements;
  • Contributing to the design and architecture of new solutions.
  • Writing code:
  • Developing new features;
  • Resolving operational issues
  • Fixing bugs;
  • Building greenfield products.
  • Code reviews:
  • Conducting and receiving code reviews;
  • Sharing skills and techniques with other members of the team.
  • Managing releases:
  • Handling code changes from inception through to deployment;
  • Maintaining the CI/CD pipeline;
  • Ensuring code changes are adequately tested and working in production.
  • Research and development:
  • Taking regular R&D days to keep abreast of the latest developments, drive forward continued modern technology adoption;
  • Prototyping alternative solutions and new products.


Key Skills & Experience


  • Experience of C# and .NET Core / .Net Framework
  • Strong knowledge of Object Orientated programming principles
  • Understanding of web applications, HTTP communication and REST
  • Experience of writing and maintaining different testing suites
  • Unit tests (xUnit, nUnit etc)
  • Integration Tests
  • Functional Tests
  • Working knowledge of RDBMS and SQL / T-SQL
  • Knowledge of Message brokers and event driven architectures
  • Experience of CI/CD
  • Experience of Microservice architectures
  • Awareness of SOLID coding principles.



  • Knowledge of scripting languages (Bash and Powershell)
  • NoSql database technologies (MongoDB)
  • Administration of Windows and Linux servers
  • Docker
  • Container management systems (Kubernetes / Docker Swarm)
  • Knowledge of IaaS / Cloud solutions (AWS / Azure)

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