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Job Reference No: 3328

Employment Type: Permanent

Ocean Freight Export Agent


Location: Manchester Salary: £30,000

Our client is a global logistics provider offering a range of freight solutions across the globe. They are a growing presence in the UK market having originally been set up in New Zealand. They are looking to recruit an agent to join their Ocean Export team. 

The role will be working to provide operational support to customers during the shipping process including assisting with quotations and initial bookings; customer documentation; monitoring shipment progress and managing customers throughout. This role requires a high level of customer service along with the ability to work alongside a variety of stakeholders within in the business. 

Ideally this person will have at least one years experience in an ocean export based role. The candidate will have excellent organisation and time management skills with the ability to communicate effectively with customers and others within the business.

Salary is flexible and attractive; our client has the capacity to hire someone who will need further development or someone who is already experienced and the salary will reflect this. The company are a growing business and can offer the opportunity to join a global business. 

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