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Job Reference No: 3419

Employment Type: Permanent

Data Scientist


Location: London Salary: £50,000

Fantastic opportunity for a Data Scientist to join a market leading company and to make a significant difference to help transform them into a data driven company.

Main Tasks and skillset include:

• Knowledge / experience in implementing R or Python machine learning algorithms
• Demonstrated skills at data cleansing, data quality assessment, and using analytics for data assessment
• Demonstrated skill in the use of applied analytics, descriptive statistics, and predictive analytics
• Developers and Mathematical approach
• Strong written and verbal communication skills;
• Being able to work in a fast-paced multidisciplinary environment;
• Having the ability to query databases and perform statistical analysis;
• Being able to develop or program databases;
• Being able to advis senior management in clear language about the implications of their work for the organisation;
• Being able to work autonomously.
• Rigorous and passionate with data
•Perform machine learning / big data activities:• Data quality assessment, - exploration and -profiling

• Design and development of analytic data sets

• Statistical analysis and machine learning modelling
• Application of new types of algorithms for predictive modelling, segmentation, forecasting, and optimization
• Rapid prototyping to demonstrate value of Big Data use cases
• Present research and insights.
• Generate reports, annotated code, and other projects artifacts to document, archive, and communicate your work and outcomes
• Research, develop, implement, measure and take ownership of predictive models
• Perform statistical analyses and "deep dives" into the data, and present and discuss solutions with business partners.
• Share and discuss findings with team members
Implement, produce and monitor models
• Implement, test and take ownership of predictive models.
• Supervise the production of new algorithms into operational processes, measure the results and improve continuously.
• Develop specific tools, processes and reportings or data visualizations to deliver a high level of service of the solution implemented and measure their impacts on business

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