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      Job Reference No: 4397

      Employment Type: Permanent

      Senior Software Engineer


      Location: maidstone Salary: £90,000

      The Role

      We are looking for an experienced Senior Ruby on Rails Software Engineer to join our SalesMaster development team and contribute to our industry leading SalesMaster SaaS platform. You will work closely with other Software Engineers, Product Architects and Product Owners as part of a collaborative team to drive our platforms forward, exploring new technologies and approaches to existing challenges.


      We desire engineers who take ownership of entire problem spaces and continually seek to push the product forwards, aligned to our strategic product goals and who are enthusiastic about building web applications. We’re incredibly proud of our SalesMaster platform and have big ambitions to now scale its use. The SalesMaster platform is a key component in digital transformation of the customer journey, and we need to capitalise on our unique insight and experience.


      We seek engineers with relevant experience, such as working in a busy and multi-functional team, planning and prioritising a variable workload and delivering to deadlines. Good listening skills and time management are essential, as is performance with consistent reliability, excellent attention to detail and high levels of accuracy. Working in technology in a changing industry means an ability to learn quickly and maintain up-to-date knowledge is critical. With the role being primarily remote we need strong communicators, both written and verbal, with the ability to summarise and clearly convey information and advice. Working within a broader business requires the ability to deal with people professionally and courteously, even when you are busy.


      The role has three main focuses:

      • Development
      • Support
      • Platform



      This role will directly contribute to our product growth ambitions. This role will work alongside the other developers in expanding the feature-set of the product as well as concentrating on converting inefficient manual processes into self-service functionality for the subscriber-base.


      • Enhance, refactor and maintain our existing SaaS product
      • Determine a suitable approach for an identified problem space
      • Ensure the solution meets the acceptance criteria outlined for that problem space
      • Implement effective test coverage for the solution to ensure it behaves as expected
      • Conduct code reviews for pull requests
      • Be accountable for the solutions you implement
      • Manage development tasks from initial assignment through to release
      • Assist with the grooming of the backlog and the continual refinement of issues



      As a member of the Development Team this role will provide ongoing support to both the developers and the wider company.


      • Build and maintain a personal knowledge base of the system’s functionality, data sources, data structures
      • Act as a technical expert to support colleagues
      • Answer technical queries posed by our other teams
      • Provide day-to-day support to the Development Team to provide a secondary opinion and to help resolve development blocks
      • Identify enhancement opportunities in the system; whether as a result of technical debt, poor data quality, a poor or inconsistent user experience or through advancements in technology



      This role will contribute to the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of our infrastructure.


      • Deploy code to our Testing, Staging and Production environments
      • Document and communicate internally a summary of the code deployed
      • Build and maintain a personal knowledge base of our infrastructure and associated technologies
      • Monitor our infrastructure to ensure it remains available and performant
      • Provide support to resolve infrastructure issues


      Essential Skills

      • Proficient at Ruby and the Ruby on Rails framework
      • Proficient with the RSpec test framework
      • Proficient at Javascript (native and jQuery)
      • Proficient at HTML, CSS & JavaScript preprocessors (HAML/SASS/SCSS)
      • Experienced with using Git and GitHub as part of a collaborative workflow
      • Experience with cloud-based infrastructure, from deployment and monitoring through to provisioning resources


      Desirable Skills

      • Aware of React.js, Vue.js, Node.js and other JavaScript frameworks
      • Proven experience in a similar role
      • Experience, or an interest in, the automotive industry
      • Knowledge and experience of PostgreSQL, Apache Solr, Linux, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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