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      Job Interview No No’s if you want to make a good impression


      1. 1. Don’t turn up TOO early!


      1. Most people know it’s a bad idea to turn up late for an interview but being too early can be just as bad. If the interviewer is busy, in another interview or out of the office and you turn up 45 minutes early this can be an inconvenience.

      If you do arrive early for your interview take some time out for some last-minute preparation, use the loo, freshen up and familiarise yourself with your surroundings. 10-15 minutes before your interview time is perfect to let the reception or interviewer know you have arrived.

      You won’t get brownie points for being TOO early!

      2. Don’t forget to freshen up!

      1. A bit obvious but.. If you have an afternoon interview where you will be out/at work in the morning take time to freshen up.

      Brush your teeth, hair and put on a fresh shirt or blouse, apply deodorant and have a look in the mirror, check you aren’t wearing your lunch in your teeth!

      A quick freshen up will ensure you look and feel confidently smart while you are selling yourself as a great hire.

      3. No fidgeting!

      Fidgeting during an interview can give the impression you aren’t interested, bored or don’t want to be there which is certainly not a good impression.

      Take some time out to relax before you enter the interview, prepare as much as you can for the questions you might be asked. You should be ready when you are greeted by your interviewer (not sat catching up with social media or watching videos on your phone). Overloading on caffeine can cause you to be fidgety and less focused so maybe limit the amount of coffee you drink pre-interview!

      4. Don’t crack too many jokes (unless it’s a comedian or clown role)!

      Laughing and joking too much with the interviewer is not a great idea, it could in fact totally ruin your chances. You are being assessed on your ability to do a job. You could come out of interview feeling like best friends with your potential (but not likely to be) boss but you want to be taken seriously. Your taste in jokes could also cause offense or seen as a waste of the interviewer’s time.

      Show your personality fitting for the type of role you are interviewing for but be conscious why you are there and the impression you want to leave.


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