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Top Tips For Closing An Interview

When closing an interview, you need to remember 3 key points, the close needs to be: Impactful, Purposeful and Assertive.

  1. 1. Thanks

At your interview the first key point to remember is to thank the interviewer for their time spent speaking with you.

  1. 2. Define Timeline

The next step would be to reaffirm the client is keen to progress with your application and if so when are they looking to conduct the next round of interviews and when will they make a decision for the successful candidate to commence employment.

  1. 3. Closing Question

“From your perspective how closely do you feel I hit the mark in terms of what you’re looking for?” A question such as this at the end of the meeting puts the interviewer on the spot and gives them an opportunity give instant feedback on your interview. Should the interviewer raise any objections it also gives you the chance to handle those objections and put forward your counter argument.


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