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      Overcoming Sales Objections

      Getting practice in overcoming sales objections is key to becoming a sales professional. How you overcome these objections will define how successful you will be within your sales career.

      Definition: Handling or overcoming sales objections is one of the stages during selling where you have to handle a certain objection and resistance from your customers.

      When overcoming sales objections, it is your primary goal to respond to your client in a way that changes their mind and eliminates their concerns.

      Objections are an inevitable part of sales. Some objections may be genuine concerns, other objections will most likely be brush offs. As long as you’re familiar with the common objections and you are equipped to answer them you will be able to distinguish between prospects who have potential and prospects with whom you need to part ways.

      The Gatekeeper

      In most cases, the Gatekeeper is the first roadblock you will face when it comes to handling objections. However, it is how you interact with them that will determine the direction of your entire deal. If you interact with the Gatekeeper in the right way, they could become your biggest asset.

      “Can you email me the information and I will get back to you?”

      This is one of the most common responses, especially when your prospective client isn’t completely sold on your product or service. Don’t give up just yet. Agree to send them more information, however follow this up with an open question such as:

      “Just so I know what to include, please can you tell me…”

      This prompts them to open the line of communication and it gives you an in to start a conversation. If successful you may not even need to send that email after all.

      Find a formula that works for you…

      Relate – Show that you understand and that you empathise with their objection.

      Bridge the Gap – Offer them new information to make it easy for them to move forward.

      Ask Again – Get commitment!


      • Don’t take rejections personally
      • Gain their interest
      • Ask open questions
      • Turn sales objections into opportunities

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